Welcome to Ashfield Preschool in Bryanston

About Ashfield Preschool
The tranquil grounds of Ashfield Preschool are centrally located at 74 Shepherd Avenue, Sandton, Johannesburg.  Beyond our secure, manned access points, await academic, cultural and sporting facilities integrated into a large, landscaped garden where children can play and learn to their heart’s content.

The global education and quality care provided by Ashfield Preschool, aims to reveal to each child what we believe, that the world is his oyster.  With a vast array of unique facilities, a highly qualified and passionate staff, and a cutting edge curriculum, anything and everything becomes possible. Each child is nurtured, supported and empowered to find his or her path into their enticing future from the security of a safe and stimulating environment.

Our Mission
At Ashfield Preschool our mission is to give every child in our fold, the foundation:

  • to enter the world with confidence
  • to be open minded
  • to be responsible
  • to cope with delayed gratification and
  • to instil a passion for life-long learning
  • to have the courage to strive for excellence

Education and Curriculum
We warmly welcome children from age 2 to Grade R (o) into our fold.  Each age group is housed in a sunny and spacious classroom where a dedicated, qualified teacher and teacher’s assistant will facilitate an exciting and specialised learning programme.  Some lessons take place beneath the trees to enhance sensory exploration.  Others occur in our well-equipped classrooms, Indoor Sports’ Hall, Media and Library Centre as well as in our Performing Arts Studio.

At Ashfield Preschool we endeavour to provide each child with a global education by combining Early Childhood Education with cutting edge international learning trends. In order for each child to realise their dreams and embrace the bright future that we are guiding them towards, we educate the ‘whole’ child.  Our child-centred approach is committed to building on each individual’s strengths and includes physical, intellectual and social development.

Learning Support and Day Mother
Ashfield Preschool
aims to ease parental stress by offering everything your child needs right here on our school’s premises.  We have a day mother here from 06:30 to 18:00, should you need to arrange an early drop off.  We also have a  Learning Support team incorporating a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Remedial Therapist and a Psychologist, who are all registered with the Health Professional Council.

Drop Off: Between 06:30 and 07:50
School commences at 08:00
Grade 0000 Pick Up: 12:00
Grade 000 Pick Up: 12:30
Grade 00 Pick Up: 13:00
Grade R (0) Pick Up: 13:30
Aftercare Pick Up: No later than 18:00 – late collection penalties will apply

Our Ashfield Preschool aftercare programme differs considerably as we provide a stimulating environment that is catered towards entertaining the children with a variety of fun-filled activities. The children are not simply ‘looked after’ in the presence of one teacher in a classroom but have the opportunity to engage in sporting activities, outdoor play, various arts and crafts and so on. At Ashfield Preschool we really seek to provide a nurturing and exciting aftercare experience where children can also form friendships and enjoy free play.

Extra Murals
At Ashfield Preschool we offer a wide variety of extra murals, as we believe that this is vital to every child’s holistic development. Whilst extra murals are not included in the monthly tuition fee, they are highly recommend and encouraged by the teaching staff at our school. All extra mural activities are offered during the afternoon, after school has ended.

Beyond Grade 0 (R)
Pupils at Ashfield Preschool are prepared physically, mentally and socially to ensure a smooth transition to any school, both locally or abroad.

Our motivated staff, carefully-considered learning programmes, diverse facilities and safe environment are here to meet and supersede the needs of your child.  But most of all, at Ashfield Preschool, our greatest barometer of success is an inspired and happy child who feels nurtured and secure whilst in our care.

Contact Us
If you would like to enrol your child into Ashfield Preschool in Bryanston, or to enquire about the school, simply contact us or call us on 011 463 6053 and we will gladly be of assistance. We take children aged 2 years to Grade R and we do offer aftercare and a variety of extra murals.