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Ashfield is presently accepting applications for
January 2015 and Beyond.

Please contact us to enquire – 011 463 6053

To view the school for Jan 2015 admissions, please contact us from the 5 January 2015. School commences on Thursday the 15th January 2015.

The tranquil grounds of Ashfield School, for ages 1 to 6 years, are centrally located at 74 Shepherd Avenue, Bryanston, Sandton. Beyond our secure, manned access points, await academic, cultural and sporting facilities integrated into a beautiful landscaped garden where children can play and learn to their heart’s content.

The global education and quality care provided by Ashfield School aims to nurture, guide and stimulate each child. With a vast array of unique facilities, a highly qualified and passionate staff, and a cutting edge curriculum, each child has the possiblity to realise their true potential.

Philosophy and Teaching
At Ashfield every day is a new adventure! Though we follow formal routine and structure with planned weekly themes and classroom activities, we ensure that every day holds a new activity which is stimulating, creative and has a purpose in terms of education. Whether the children are involved in outdoor play or indoor undertakings their minds are being fuelled with all things new and inspiring! The children at Ashfield do not simply spend their day “painting and drawing” but rather realising the world around them and all that it has to offer for a growing mind.

Education and Curriculum
We endeavour to provide each child with a global education by combining Early Childhood Development Education with cutting edge international learning trends. Our approach is committed to building on each individual’s strengths and includes physical, intellectual and social development.

2nd Language Development
At Ashfield we believe in facilitating a global education, and with this in mind we offer 2nd language development for those who are interested in exposing their child to a 2nd language. We offer 2nd language development in the following languages; German, French, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Afrikaans and Zulu.

Playschool, Pre-School and Grade R
The Playschool, Pre-School and Grade R sections within the school, are all separate from one another, even though they are all on the same property i.e. 74 Shepherd Avenue Bryanston. The toddler playschool section will never be in contact with the pre-school and Grade R children. Outdoor activities and timetables have all been structured to ensure this. The toddler playschool classroom section is also within its own section within the Ashfield School building. Therefore moms and dads of little ones needn’t worry that the younger children will be with the older children, and vice versa.

For more information about EACH SECTION please click on the link below which will take you to a website catering specifically for that section:

Grade R

Class Sizes
Toddlers Playschool (ages 1 to 3) – 16 in a class
Grade 000 Pre-School (3 turning 4) – 18 in  a class
Grade 00 Pre-School (4 turning 5) – 20 in a class
Grade R (5 turning 6) – 22 in a class

Optional Early Morning Drop Off – 06:30 to 07:00
Toddlers Playschool Morning Drop Off – 07:00 to 08:00 (breakfast is at 08:00)
Pre-School & Grade R Morning Drop Off – 07:00 to 07:30 (breakfast is at 07:30)
Toddlers Playschool Collection (no nap) – 12:30 to 13:00
Toddlers Playschool Collection (with nap) –  14:30 to 15:00
Pre-School & Grade R Collection – 13:00 to 13:30
Aftercare – 13:30 to 18:00 (toddlers would enter aftercare after nap time)
Toddlers Extra Murals – during class time in the morning
Pre-School & Grade R Extra Murals – in the afternoon after the school morning ends

Aftercare commences from 13:30 and is available until 18:00, Monday to Friday. Your child may enter the aftercare programme at any time during the afternoon, dependant on his or her extra mural timetable and your needs. Our aftercare programme seeks to provide a nurturing and exciting experience in a stimulating environment that is catered towards entertaining the children with a variety of fun-filled activities.

Outdoor Facilities & Teaching
Ashfield school boasts the best outdoor facilities in South Africa for playschool and pre-school children. The mini golf course, soccer field, gymnasium and sports’ courts are designed for tuition in a variety of sports such as tennis, cricket, Playball and more. Sandpits, a cycle track and a variety of jungle gyms, are all designed to improve gross motor development, co-ordination, balance and healthy physical progression. We also promote outside instruction, in our very beautiful, established gardens, to further develop the senses.

Extra Murals
At Ashfield School we believe that extra mural activities involving music, ball skills, gym etc. are all an integral part of every child’s development. In order to cater for this we offer a wide variety of extra mural activities which take place after school hours. Extra Murals are not included in the tuition fee. Extra murals are not compulsory, though they are encouraged in order to enhance gross-motor skills development.

Breakfast, Snack and Lunch
All meals are provided for by Ashfield School and are included in the school fee. Every child’s dietary needs are carefully considered and all meals and snacks are prepared daily on the property by our resident cook. Our varied menus are planned by a dietician and nutritionist focused on tantalising a young palate. Please note that under no circumstances will the school allow peanut butter, nuts, sweets and chocolate. This is the only way to manage a safe and healthy environment for all, especially taking into account children who have allergies. We do also take dietary requirements into account.

Terms and Holiday Care
Ashfield School follows the Private School, 3 Term System. This includes holidays during April, August and December as well as the half-term (long weekend) breaks during February, July and October. Holiday care is provided.

Safety and Security
Surrounding this serene learning environment, are impeccable security resources. The safety and security of the pupils while on the school’s premises is of paramount importance.

Teaching Staff
At Ashfield School all classes are in the care of a qualified, SACE registered teacher, as well as a teacher’s assistant – where applicable.

Primary Phase Continuation
Cutting edge tuition at Ashfield School connotes that our young pupils learn to think beyond the boundaries of set curricula. They are prepared physically, mentally and socially, to ensure a smooth transition into any primary phase school in South Africa or internationally.

2015 Application and Admission Fees:
Registration Fee – R500
Acceptance Fee – R3000 (once-off, due upon submission of the acceptance letter)

2015 School Fees:

Toddlers Playschool (ages 1 to 3) – R3200 per month for 12 months
Grade 000 Pre-School (3 turning 4) – R4000 per month for 12 months
Grade 00 Pre-School (4 turning 5) – R4000 per month for 12 months
Grade R (5 turning 6) – R5500 per month for 12 months

2015 Additional OPTIONAL Fee Items:
Early Morning Drop Off between 06:30 and 07:00 – R200 (per month)
Nap Time for Toddlers – R200 (per month)
Aftercare for Toddlers – R800 (per month)
Aftercare for Toddlers Ad-Hoc Basis – R80 (per day)
Aftercare for Pre-School and Grade R – R1500 (per month)
Aftercare for Pre-School and Grade R Ad-Hoc Basis – R80 (per day)
Holiday Care – R750 (per week)
Extra Murals – this is dependant on the extra mural chosen
2nd Language Development – R1500 (per month)

2015 School Fee Includes:
Mid-Morning Snack
Aftercare Snack
Sun Hat
Water Bottle
Hand Towel
Mattress & Sheet (for toddlers who stay for nap time)

Our motivated staff, carefully-considered learning programmes, diverse facilities and safe environment are here to meet and supersede the needs of your child. But most of all, at Ashfield, our greatest barometer of success is an inspired and happy child who feels nurtured and secure whilst in our care.

We Invite You to Contact Ashfield School – Based in Bryanston, Sandton

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Grade R
Ages 5 years turning 6 years
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